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For high-resolution, electronic files, contact Karel Bush with the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council at bushk9@michigan.gov or 517-241-4468. Please provide file names and expected use of the photos. To get file name, hover mouse over photo in gallery to get more options - click on "photo info" for file name. All photos require photo credits, which are provided in captions.

The Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council provides for research, education and promotion of the Michigan wine grape and wine industry. More information about the wines and wineries of Michigan is available at http://www.michiganwines.com.


Michigan Grapes

Michigan has 2,000 acres of wine grape vines, ranking Michigan 8th in ...

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Michigan Vineyards

Most of Michigan's wine grapes are grown within 25 miles of Lake Michi ...

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People & Michigan Wine

Michigan wineries make many styles of wine, from dry to sweet includin ...

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Winemaking Process

Michigan is home to 64 wineries, producing more than 1 million gallons ...

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Michigan Winery Buildings

Wineries are popular tourist destinations, attracting more than 800,00 ...

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Misc. Michigan Wine

A variety of images ...

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My Smug Mug

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